VANAX® 107 Pastilles Accelerator

The Next Generation DOTG Replacement for High Performance
and General Elastomers


Aged Elongation

VANAX® 107 Improved Aged Elongation in both 168 hours @ 177°C and 1000 hours @ 150°C


DOTG Replacement

Part-for-part drop-in replacement for DOTG, for easy development in acrylic and general elastomers, alleviating DOTG regulatory concerns.


Scorch Safety

VANAX® 107 has improved scorch safety both Vamac® G and Vamac® Ultra HT

Due to regulatory concerns, guanidine-free cure systems that maintain high performance are desirable as alternatives to DOTG. VANAX® 107 Pastilles Accelerator is a highly effective part-for-part drop-in DOTG replacement for use in Vamac® ethylene acrylic elastomers (AEM) and Hytemp® polyacrylate elastomers (ACM). It also replaces DOTG in other cure systems and polymers, such as zinc oxide-cured DuPont™ Neoprene and sulfur-cured Natural Rubber. VANAX 107 Pastilles provides heat-aged retention similar to DOTG-containing cure systems, allowing for easy development of replacement compounds and direct modification of existing systems, while formulating out DOTG. This patent-pending product was developed in the Rubber Laboratory of Vanderbilt Chemicals, LLC.


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ACM Heat-Aged Retention
AEM Retained Elongation
AEM Compression Set

Vanax® 107 Pastilles Literature



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